​Yet, my canvas, my blank page; a fiery lick, a spotlit stage.
My future; onward, I engage.
Thankful the time my eyes have seen.

As I am one, I take my own.
Proud I am of these shadows shown,
Simple but pure my wings have flown.
Faithful, the future has brought upon me.

Anticipation! Fists clenched tight.  Braced stance, spar to fight.
Alas!  A rocky road ahead just might,
fulfill the shoes of which my mind implores.

So this glimpse I foresee so soon will be, as dry soil moistens the sun will breathe,  warmth I give from my life to thee.     Forever, through and through.

My Thoughts, The Nights Before Becoming A Father

As I sit, pluck and strum, pulling my strings, beating my drum.     A thought - perhaps I've lost my tongue.  I've lost all but of what I need.

So I tilt my view, a pattern I see, but as it's always seemed,

a mystery to me,  Caused a peering among forgotten trees.
Thankful for seeds ungrown.

Pondering, wildly, what my future beholds. Amidst my arms, strength implodes,   To a new chapter my life unfolds. One plus one will now equal three.

Rejoice. Merriment. So times have changed; habits forfeited, lifestyles gained,
But unto for some a life more strained. For I; blank canvas, open sea.

Go Get It - (Monometer Poem)

Take on
The world
With your
Eyes shut
To the
That fills
The minds
Of all
Who fight 
Your will.
I will
In you 
And the
You make.
Break the
Rules set
By those
Who have
Lost their
Sense of





Life Like a Dream

The wind blows briskly

whispering a melancholy sound.

Taking with it the love that 

two young hearts found.

          -  Blaine E. Kosek


Just as rose petals soon wilt away

the fire that burns inside us will flicker and fade.

Like two circles intertwined with strength and trust,

that bend, then loosen, and become covered in rust.

Eyes will soon roam and fingers may touch,

and then become hands that have done too much.

Like hands on a clock that have erased the past, 

or mirrors that reflect a life that won't last.

A smile to a frown a sparkle to a sneer, 

laughter and joy, to unsettled fear.